Added £691 to my bill even though my Smart meter works?!?

I have a Smart Meter & it has sent monthly meter readings back to Bulb, l went to pay my monthly bill this morning & Bulb have credited my account then adjusted it for increased energy use?!

They’ve added £691 to my bill overnight, it’s like legal theft - I’ve tried calling & l can’t get through, I’ve emailed no response.

If l don’t pay them I’ll get a CCJ or similar & this is before Aprils increase, an absolute joke.

I would really appreciate any advice or even a response from Bulb

Hi @atw :wave: Welcome to Community.

I have taken a look at your account and while the gas meter is sending us readings the electricity meter has stopped. This is because it has lost connection to the smart network and so cannot communicate with us.

The smart network in your local area will run reboots automatically and so hopefully we will start getting readings again soon.

This does mean we have been estimating your electricity usage for the past few months and so the billing may not be accurate. If you could upload a reading to your account then we can take a look at how accurate our estimates have been. If they are very different then we can reissue the recent statement so it is accurate to your usage.

Let me know when you have done this.

– KT :bulb: