Adding a second person to an account

Hi Bulb,

I was wondering if you have the capacity to add a second person to a Bulb account - for my UK visa application my husband and I need to provide official documents with both of us named at our address, and last time we went through the process our energy bills were one of our sources (and very handy).

Is there a way I can add my husband’s name to the account as well?



Hi Mikaela,

All that we need is some authorisation from your partner that they’re happy to be included on the statements.

Easiest way is for you to call in and then for you to hand the phone over to them so they can to confirm.

Alternatively, you can email in with their email address cc’ed in the email. The email should include a detail asking for them to confirm that they’re happy to be included.


Thanks Rob! I’ll get on it after Christmas. Much appreciated.