Adding gas to my electricity account with bulb

Joined bulb a few months ago for electricity supply, I now need to move/add my gas to bulb as well. I can not seem to find out how to do this online!
Do I need to open a seperate gas account OR is there a way to update/upgrade my existing account to cover both bills as one?
Please help thanks

Hi @Farri, we just need a picture of your gas meter and we’ll get that added to your existing Bulb Account.

I’ve sent you an email asking for the photo, let me know once you’ve been able to take that. We are looking for the serial number on the front of the meter to ensure that we get the right supply.

Hi I have the same question - can you send this to me too please. Thank you!

I need the same please, already have electricity with you and I am interested in gas and can you beat npower price