Adding insult to injury?

You refer, we give Crisis £50

then we tell new customers that the initial information was incorrect and there will be a 20% increase in current prices…


We’re changing referral rewards. For the month of December, we’ll give £50 to your friend and donate £50 to Crisis, the national charity for homeless people

Gosh, friends I’d like to stay friends with you so I will not be referring Bulb to you

Carol, I think that your comments are very unfair to Bulb.

The reason for the 20% additional payment during the first winter months (which is not a price increase) is clearly explained in the Terms of Service. If customers either don’t read these, or don’t understand them, then I don’t see what Bulb can do about it.

The company is supplying renewable energy in a reasonably priced, responsible manner whilst trying to care for its customers, the environment and charitable causes. Compared to the behaviour of other energy companies there is little to complain about.

However, since there appears to be some confusion within the Community regarding this extra winter payment, then perhaps Bulb can draw attention to it somewhere in the main body of its website so that everyone is aware of the policy before they sign up?