Adding Social connections in the Community

I just tried to link my twitter account to this profile and I get an error message - has anyone else had this?

Hey @thirstforwine That’s a feature we shouldn’t have active. Oops. We’ll have to hide those buttons. Thanks for pointing it out.

We’re very happy to have people connect their social accounts with their community accounts, but because we use the Bulb website login to connect to the community, not our community platform’s native login system, the social connect won’t work. We’ll have a think about creating social connections for Bulb accounts in general in future.

thanks @will - I assumed it was a quick-link to making content shareable and to highlight contact details rather than a sign-on issue. Let me know if I can help … I have some experience with communities and am interested to see how you implement this Vanilla forum

Cool, thanks for the offer. We’re actually planning a new community theme to iron out a few things with the current one and to make using the community easier. I’ll let you and the community know when we start getting into it to get feedback on what’s working, what isn’t and what we’d like to see with a new skin.

Indeed - I have a few thoughts on that I’ve noticed and happy to help out at an appropriate time/place

[including adding giphy support maybe? :wink: ]

Cool, yeah send over any ideas you have any time. No need to hoard them for later :slight_smile:

^ and you can use gifs if you use the image address rather than the page that the image is on :slight_smile: