Additional options for the app graphs

Hi. I really like the Bulb app but a few new options on the graphs would be nice.

It would be good if you could switch between £ and kWh on the usage graph. The current graph £ usage has increased (due to the recent huge price rises) but I’ve made an effort to reduce my actual kWh usage. It would be nice to be able to see that and track my own reduction efforts.

Also, it would be good if you could switch between the current stacked graph to just electricity or just gas. Thanks!


I agree, also it would be good to see the graph for the actual usage in the past months, not some estimated ones…

Hi Jonathan, I agree, would be useful to be able to toggle between £ and kWh on the graphs. I’m looking into getting solar PV so I’m interested to know the range of electricity kWh used on a daily basis. The website through a PC browser (not smartphone) gives electricity and gas per day to the penny, so with a bit of maths you can calculate the exact kWh used in a day. But it would be so much easier if it was an option on the graph!

Hi @jonathan.a.holland, @Doinita and @Beanie :wave:

Thank you all for your suggestions here we really appreciate this input. I have passed these onto our tech team to see if these improvements can be implemented. I agree, I think being able to toggle between the usage in units and the cost would be really insightful.

As @Beanie has said when logging into your bulb account via your web browser you should be able to see the cost of electricity and gas at a daily level individually rather than stacked. Again I think this would be a really good feature in the bulb account app showing this information on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

If you have any more suggestions please drop them below, we’re all ears :point_down: :ear: