Adjusting meter readings


My previous estimated meter reading is incorrect and way out of where it actually was. This has resulted in a bill of over £700 where the actual usage is more like £50.

I can’t find a way to get in touch to solve this. Can anyone assist?

I dont understand how you cannot contact Bulb, all info is available using the help button.

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Hi @AaronR,

The best thing is to provide an up-to-date meter reading a day or two before your bill - you should receive an email notification of this (which reminds me, I got that email yesterday so I’ll go read my meters after this). If Bulb has frequent/monthly meter readings, they’ll produce better estimates on the odd-month you can’t provide readings.

If you did provide a reading or do need meter readings ‘correcting’ (which by sounds of things you do as the meter reading database must be quite inaccurate to be £700 out), take a photo of the meter readings and email with details (including the photo) and they should be able to correct things for you.

Bulb’s contact details can be found in the ‘Help’ section (linked at the top of most pages) near the bottom of and also on How to get in touch – Bulb .

Thank you guys!!!