Advice please re slightly complex switch

As a landlord (a nice one…) I’m currently paying the tenant’s bill (EDF boooo) and she refunds me. I now want to put her on bulb (hurrah! cos it’s cheaper and much better for the planet) and for her to be directly responsible for the bill. How can I initiate the switch and simultaneously transfer the account to her?

Hi @willmow thanks for asking, great that you’d like to switch your property to us :slight_smile:

She can actually just apply to switch the property and it will all go through in her name. Your account with EDF will close and her account for the same property will open with us. Suppliers are used to changing of tenancies all the time (and generally people sign up and pay for their neighbour’s supplies on purpose!) so it doesn’t matter about the different names

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

So what you’re saying is if we apply to switch through you, we don’t need to contact EDF?
Another question - does this switch make us eligible for bulb’s 50/50 offer?

Hey @willmow, that’s correct no need to contact EDF at all, we will ask for a first meter reading from your tenant 5 days before her switch date (she then has 10 days to send it to us).

If you already have another property signed up with us and you send your tenant a link to sign up with us then yes the referral will absolutely come through as normal :star: :raised_hands:

Brill. I did all the calculations to the nearest kWh and bulb wins - plus of course the money we pay’s going to clean renewables rather than that other dirty lot…

That’s great to hear! We try to be as competitive as possible because how else are we supposed to make it worth switching to renewables.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything else we can help you with!