Advisor Refused To Move Direct Debit Ahead A Week!

I contacted your chat advisors twice this morning saying that I I was having difficulty making the DD payment this month, but could resume normal payments next month. Both advisors were pushing the whole Tully thing, to which I said I just wanted to move the date ahead a week so I could still afford to eat! Advisor refused and then threatened me with debt collectors! I was not refusing to pay, just wanted to move the date ahead a week! I’m a vulnerable customer with mental health issues and this is how you treat people? Luckily I have the chat transcripts. How can moving the DD forward one week be impossible and how is a threat of debt collectors appropriate!?

Hi @Dawson_1 Welcome to the Bulb Community, I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good experience via our chat.

The reason my colleague was unable to move your payment date for this month is that direct debits take up to ten working days to update and your payment date is only a few days away.

We appreciate this is a challenging time for our members and that’s why Tully and Citizens Advice were put forward as options for you. If you need to cancel the individual payment for this month I’d advise asking your bank directly to do this and we can then change your direct debit for next month if you’d like

If it is just possible to cancel it and set it up again shortly after, why when I said this to your advisor I was told in no uncertain terms not to do it otherwise you send debt collectors after me immediately. I have the chat transcript saying this.

Hi @Dawson_1,

I’m truly very sorry for the experience you’ve had on our chat service.

I’m going to send you an email now so we can get this resolved. If you need to change your payments by 1 week, I can do this for you.

So, after apparently moving my payment date to the 19th June, you went to take the money immediately which forced me to contact my bank. Then, when seting up a new direct debit myself, you’ve forced me to pay more money! You are doing nothing to help your customers, vulnerable or otherwise.

Hi @Dawson_1,

I’ve replied to your email just now.
The payment has been changed as requested.

How can I change my payment date? My direct debit never went out and I need it to go out on the 1st.
Also I’m still waiting for my smart meter installation

@Watson Welcome to our Bulb community!

You can change your payment date here

I’m afraid we’re not booking non-emergency meter jobs just yet, due to COVID-19 restrictions. We’re rolling out smart meter jobs slowly in certain areas of the UK. When smart meter booking slots are available in your area, we’ll email you.

All our engineers will be wearing PPE and adhering to social distancing guidelines.