After smart meter installation, will I automatically be switched from Economy 7 rates to Bulb's standard rates?

Until now my house has been on a dual tarriff system, an Economy 7 meter. I had different day rates and night rates.

Today I had a smart meter installed. Will the dual day/night rate continue itself, or will I now automatically be switched to Bulb’s standard “single” rates?

Your E7 tariff will continue. According to Bulb, they can’t switch you from E7 to single rate at present.

Hi @shah256 Thanks for your question

As @stevefoster said you’ll be kept on the same rate and we can’t currently switch smart meters between two rate and single rate. If you’d rather be billed to a single rate, please let us know and we can add you to the change of tariff waitlist.

Thanks both. Yes please if possible @Matthew_W_at_Bulb can you add me to this ‘change of tariff waitlist’ - it appears that the single rate is cheaper for me.

Or let me know who to contact.

Hi @shah256

I have now added you to the waitlist.

We will be in touch via email when we can action this.


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Just saw this on Bulb’s site. There’s a ‘smart tariff’ where the peak is between 4 and 7 PM.

Sorry @Mel_at_Bulb is it possible for me to jump straight to this ‘Smart Tariff’ instead, or is that what you were already talking about? It appears I can just apply for it online… I hope that list you’ve added me to won’t interfere with this smarter/cheaper tariff then?