Agreed Read Dispute needed

We’ve been contacted by a debt collector service on behalf of Spark Energy regarding the outstanding payment for the period between the previous tenants of the flat we’re renting and our tenancy period started -i.e before we switched to Bulb.

We have been asked to pay £156 for a period of roughly a month, during which time we were not tenants for 2 weeks and were then away for Christmas for 1 week. We’ve been advised that the amount would likely have been based on a projected usage by Bulb as our new supplier.

We were told that we could speak to you about an Agreed Read Dispute to try to get a more accurate, revised amount based on our actual usage since then.

Bulb team, please can you contact me about this? I have emailed several times but got no response.

I’m just another customer. Bulb rarely post here.

The details you’ve given are not quite clear. Have you paid Spark Energy for the period between when your tenancy started and when you switched the property to Bulb?

You said you “were not tenants for 2 weeks and were then away for Christmas for 1 week” does this imply that for that 1 week your tenancy had started but you didn’t take an opening meter readings or inform Spark Energy that you had started the tenancy?