Air Source Heat Pump

I have an Air Source Heat pump, can anyone give me advice on how best to use this heat system economically. We have found it to be quite expensive so far. Any advice grateful received thanks. Will.

As a matter of interest, how much does it cost you? How old is your house, how many bedrooms etc.

Hi, we also have an air source heat pump.
One of the first things we did was change our tariff.
we did have storage heaters so were on economy 7, but as the heat pump works throughout the day, we changed to a standard tariff. this is also when we got our smart meter (which still doesn’t work).
another thing we have realized is to try and heat the house to a nice temp before night, and then maintain it until you go to bed, so your heat pump has an easier job because it will usually be warmer.
other than that, we haven’t done that much more. Maybe check that your hot water heats during the day, instead of the night as once again, it will be easier to get heat.

One thing which can cause excess expense is if you have it set to heat hot water for long periods of time: “all day” or “always on” for example. The reason is that the heat pump doesn’t heat hot water all the way up: after about 45C the immersion heater kicks in to finish the job. That will result in the immersion heater running a lot.

Instead, just set the hot water to be on a couple of hours twice a day. With a heat pump, you’ll have a heavily insulated hot water tank, and it will keep the water usably hot for hours.

Of course, if you are using masses of hot water all day, then you’ll have to leave the hot water set to be on all day, but it will cost you.

Hi @Willbo :wave:

I know your post was way back in 2019 but I was wondering how your experience of the Air Source Heat pump had been since then? :thinking:

Have you found it to be less expensive and did you try out different ways of using it?