Air source heat pumps - are they any good?

I have had heard a lot about air source heat pumps recently and how they can help you save on bills but I don’t know anyone who has them to get some first-hand experiences. Are they any good? Do they really help you save and if so how?

Hi Rob, thanks for asking such a great question!

For anyone unfamiliar, air source heat pumps (we’ll call them ASHPs) work by absorbing heat from the air outside, and then this is used to heat your home and hot water. What’s really cool (no pun intended) is that it doesn’t need to be warm to be able to do this either - they can still extract heat from the air at temperatures as low as -15°C.

The Energy Saving Trust has a nifty little video that outlines how these work.

Thanks @Lou_at_Bulb for getting back to me so quick. I’ve done some reading around it but I’m not sure whether I would need to have better insulation but I am eager to make some savings. I’ve also seen about the Renewable Heat Incentive and that that’s been extended until next year, which of course helps

I’ve heard they can be really noisy though, can anyone back that up?

How to apply the smart meter?
Your website is not useful at all.

Hi @cosmo807 - thanks for getting in touch! You should be able to arrange a smart meter installation in your Bulb account here: Bulb account

Hi @robstamp787

I have had a look online and reviews say that air source heat pumps ‘Depending on the system, quality of installation, and quality of maintenance – an air source heat pump will have 40 to 60 decibels of noise’.

Whereas ground source heat pumps are more or less silent.

The Renewable Heat Incentive looks great. It looks you have to have a ground to water heat pump or air to water heat pump, so air to air heat pumps would not be eligible.

There is more information and case studies on Ofgem’s website.

Keep us up to date with your installation, if you decide to go ahead with it. We would love to know your experience.

Mel :sunflower: