Air source heat pumps.

Hi, in the next few weeks i’m getting fitted with Samsung air source heat pump plus new rads and insulated water tank, this will do away with my gas bill apart from the £7 standing charge for having a gas meter. I was just wondering if anyone of you have had a system fitted recently and how are you doing with saving a bit on your bills?, i know my electric will go up but hopefully i will be paying a lot less because of not using my gas. if anyone is on this system any info would be great thanks.

I don’t have one but I’ll be interested in how it works out for you. What kind of property is it being installed in?

I’m in a two bed ex council semi, just waiting on the heat check report they do as to how much i will get back off the Gov for the next 7 year. It’s not cheap though, £12000 and if you borrow you at looking at £17000. This includes Samsung heat pump system, 7 rads, 1800lt sealed tank. my electric will go up but hopefully still saving as i’m not using gas. The heat pump system can last up to 20 year as well.

@conrox1966 - I live in an 1859 stone built farmhouse in Aberdeenshire. When we bought it in 2000 it was fitted with a single burner oil fired Stanley range. The piping went upstairs (starting as 22mm) and round about before coming back downstairs and ending up with a too small radiator in the downstairs bathroom on the end of 8mm microbore. We replaced this with an LPG condensing, weather compensated boiler based system with almost every radiator being replaced in time for the following winter.
This served us well until May 2016 when despite our best efforts the boiler became uneconomic to keep. Between these times a lot of work had been done upping the levels of insulation (which involved ripping out an awful lot of lath, plaster and wordworm).
I had looked at heat pumps for a while but was aware we needed to get the energy demand down.
Faced with having to replace the LPG boiler I revisited the heat pump issue. I had been monitoring the way our usage of LPG had been decreasing over the years and reckoned we could just about manage with a heat pump.
Got a local firm in and listened to what they had to say.
I then sat down and broke out the calculator and crunched a whole lot of numbers. As there were bigger interest free loans via the Scottish EST for GSHP and the RHI repayments were bigger (and having over 10 acres of field to lay the ground loops) going that route seemed to make the most sense (rather than go for an ASHP). I factored in larger radiators even though the Renewables Manager at the installers thought it wouldn’t be necessary (we have a monster triple banked Stelrad K3 1800 x 600mm weighing 109kg in the Hall). The whole thing came in at £22,500 installed.
The system has been running since mid-December 2016. We added to the load on the heat pump by removing the 9.5kW pumped electric shower in the summer so all hot water comes from the heat pump.
My wife and two sons spend the school ‘year’ living in the flat in town so the overall load isn’t as great as it could be.
I was advised to have 2off 400mtr ground loops installed. IMHO if the whole family was living here 24/ 7 I think the system would very probably struggle but, ultimately, we could put another 400mtr loop in if it becomes necessary. Currently the ground loop is coming at 3degrees C but the drop off has slowed considerably since we got down to 4 degrees. It has also been quite a dry winter so not so much surface water to replenish the ground.
I also have a 60tube Solar ET system connected to the heat store and a 4kW solar PV set-up with an Immersun to divert excess electricity to the heat store. Today that combination put enough heat in the store for it to take over from the heat pump albeit for a brief period. This combination comes into its own on sunny days in the spring/ autumn.
We had air temperatures down to -6degrees recently and the heating circuit was up to 46 degrees, whereas today with the air temperature between 6 - 7degrees C the heating circuit was running at around 34 - 35 degrees C.
I reckoned our total electric consumption was going to be circa 12500kW but this may be underestimated.
Any questions feel free to ask.



Very interesting Richard I look forward to an update later in the year

We recently installed an 18kW air source pump.

You can read about our system here:

Or, watch our overview video on YouTube:

I’m going to have my air source pump fitted next week. Can anybody tell me if Bulb will continue to apply the standing charge for my gas?
Bulbs rates for Electricity is very good but I’m wondering if I’ll get best value from them if the gas standing charge is still applicable whilst not using gas

While you’re still connected to the gas network, and have the option to burn gas (whether for heating or cooking), then yes, I’d expect the standing charge to continue to apply.

If you intend to stay connected, then it sounds like you’d be best served by a gas supplier offering a tariff with no/very low standing charge (usually compensated for by a much higher unit rate - but that’s fine for your scenario).

@tuffpro2001 Welcome to our Bulb community, thank you for your question :bulb:

@stevefoster is correct. Whilst there is still a gas meter at your property, we will charge standing charge. This will be the same across most, if not all, suppliers. If you choose to get the gas meter removed, the standing charge would be eliminated.

Our gas standing charge equates to around £6 per month, for cost reference.