Airbnb Host - wants to get Greener

Hi Bulb,
I am a recent customer of yours, for both my home and a small Airbnb flat which I rent out.
I was thinking about how Bulb could help Airbnb Hosts become greener, by creating tariffs and schemes benefiting Holiday Lets and Airbnb properties… so that we generate a wider awareness and the possibility of being Hosts to Greener more eco-friendly homes and properties…
What do you think?

@Bindu, what kind of tariff would be particularly beneficial for short term let property landlords?
Is their standard tariff not perfectly fair and usable?

Thanks for the suggestion @Bindu. At Bulb we only have one tariff. This is so everyone is on the best deal that we have.

However, we do have an affiliate programme. If you think this is something that Airbnb could benefit from, drop us a line at and we can provide you with a little more detail.