All about Siobhan :)

Hey Guys,

I’m Siobhan and I’m an Energy Specialist at Bulb. I’m apart of the Member Support Team and here to help all our lovely members.

I’m a fan of baking and made this chocolate finger cake on Sunday.

Is anyone else a keen baker like me? If so let me know, we can share recipes or have a chinwag about the Great British Bake Off.

Speak to you soon :slight_smile:


That cake looks immense Siobhan. I’m more of a savoury man, but I’d definitely go for a slice of that.

Aww thanks Will. Will bring some slices in next time

Sounds good. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t forget :slight_smile:

I think an office bake off needs to happen. Shotgun Paul Hollywood.

That would make me Mary Berry then. I’m ok with this.

Great idea @Sam

I did make a tardis cake last year for my daughters 16th I would post a picture but my mac has a fit any time i try and inset photos on the web pages i think its the iOS beta causing issues but if I can i will
forgot to say hi @Siobhan

@pinkcalculator That sounds out of this world

@pinkcalculator That sounds out of this world
it was leaning over a bit but did look really like a tardis and tasted pretty good as it had chocolate cake and chocolate butter icing and then thick fondant icing sugar rush !

Hellooo @pinkcalculator. How are you?

Can’t go wrong with chocolate cake! Please do load a picture of it if you can. It sounds epic.

actually we did wrong the whole thing was a nightmare it ended up oksih but it took two days to make and there were huge chunks of cake that fell to bits as we piled it up. Im trying to update my mac today to the real os but its messing around and I am getting checked off sites and pages closing on my and my email is all over the place the price of bata testing :’(

Don’t worry @pinkcalculator. I’m sure it looked great :slight_smile:

Good luck with the update.

I’d have to agree with @Will here, that cake looks awesome!

I’m not a fan of baking myself but I’m definitely a fan of eating cakes, if you’re ever in need of a cake taste tester, you know where to come!

Hey @ Mitchell,

Thank you. It was my first attempt at making a chocolate cake. I’m hoping to make another one next week. Thanks for the offer, I will keep that in mind :).

Any recommendations on what to bake next week? Want to try something different. I’m thinking coffee or red velvet.

Coffee cake for sure, but don’t put walnuts in it. That just ruins a perfectly delicious cake :frowning:


Well I am looking forward to one of those delicious cakes making their way into the office @Siobhan !

I’m not a fan of Walnuts. Had some in my salad last night :-1 @Will.

Next week @Jon

Its lelacool ( well thats her giffgaff username ) birthday next saturday anything you want to try will be gratefully accepted by a group of giggly 16 and one 17 year old which watching Dr Who after a dinner of no doubt pizza and pringles, you can be sure of excellent feed back on of the young ladies got an A* in her food tech and is studying A level so she’s the expert. I did make a cake with hula hops on it once when the kids were little. Ive so many photos I hope I can get them up

Hey @Siobhan

Coffee cake? I’ve never heard of them actually - would you recommend trying them sometime?