All charges removed from my account?!?!?

Has anyone else had this ‘issue’? I joined Bulb in early 2019. At first all went smoothly, then from May 2019 to December 2019 no charges were applied to my account despite me sending in regular readings. I kept making payments but my balance built up to nearly £1700. Then in January 2020 energy charges for £1707 were added to my account which seemed to sort things out. Every month I made my payment & a deductions were made to show my usage. Then on 27 October 2020 something strange happened - I have 10 entries listed as ‘Statement Correction’, the first is for + £1707 noted against the charges that were previously added in January 2020, followed by the same listed for February 2020 to October 2020 showing a + £ figure which I believe represents my energy usage, but it has been added to my account balance rather than deducted!! Since October 2020, every month my monthly DD payment is showing but there is no usage listed, no statement availble & my account balance is showing to be in credit by nearly £4500!! When I check my meter readings I can see my SMART readings listed every month which appear to be correct.

Hey @steveward2004 - I’m sorry about the issues. It looks like we updated your billing, and were just waiting for this to be accepted by our operations team. This has all been accepted now and applied to your account so everything is up to date. Your billing in the future should be as normal. Please let me know if you have any other questions.