all my bills are wrong, way wrong :/

Apparently I owe over £700 in usage but i’m paying my DDs as per normal , or was. As of last week we moved out of the property and apparently my bill from the 8th until now despite moving out over 10 days ago is £175? how is that possible? That would have put my final bill of i stayed at that residence to over 300 for the month and yet nothing has changed?

To put into perspective i live to live in a VERY VERY small home , my living room is about 16ft by 10 .
Why is this happening ? thanks .

Did you submit meter readings within the time frame as directed by Bulbs emails, if not they would be using estimates and they can be way out.
You dont say what the time scale is for the £700 in usage as that could be everything or nothing in terms of the size of the Bills

the £700 is in a span of 4 months with normal outgoing rates being paid. It went like from £89 as per normal then all of a sudden from November the bills went wrong but in November we were on Holiday so nothing was on and then only lived on the property for two weeks in Feburary and the regular bill went from £89 to over £250 , for TWO WEEKS USAGE.

How the heck did my bill jump from £89 per month to £250 in the span of two weeks … that would have put my bill over £500 for the month in a tiny three bedroom terraced house in the Valleys. Madness.

Marchs bill is currently at £170 , we left the property two weeks ago, nobody is living there, its empty and everything is off…

How odd.

Do your previous PDF bills show actual meter readings being used, or do the readings have the word “estimate” next to them?

It sounds like you’ve had a “catch up” bill at the point your account was closed. This can have the appearance of using lots of energy in a short amount of time, but really it’s just because your previous bills have all been too low - hence you are catching up to the actual meter reading.

Hard to say for sure what has happened, since we can’t see your previous bills.