All of my gas meter readings are wrong

Since joining I’ve submitted meter readings for my gas and electric, but I’ve come to check the gas meter following receipt of my final bill from my previous supplier, and my gas meter is showing a reading lower than my previously submitted readings to Bulb. How can this happen? Is it possible that the meter is going at break-neck speed? There’s no way I’m using enough gas to send the meter around the clock, as it’s been the height of summer for the last 3 months since I switched.
Can somebody from Bulb contact me to discuss?

Dont wait for Bulb to contact you, give them a call or use live chat.

Hi @Aston ,

I can see you’ve submitted a few very different readings. I’ve sent you an email, if you can respond with a photo of your reading for me, all look at making some changes on your account for you.



Don’t hold your breath, mine has been inaccurate since the end of June.