All of the issues were all having all the time! App Broken, No statements, Wrong Statement Calculations etc etc

Hi Bulb

I’ve finally decided to come onto your forums, as I think why not add to the communication that I constantly have to deal with you with. Lets go through all the issues that never get resolved shall we. I think one option is to probably move supplier, but I’m not confident you could handle the transfer correctly or the transfer will happen before the company is bought/bailed out and make a bad situation even worse! so I am currently waiting (and hoping) your new purchaser will be able to take on your customer base and fix all the problems that you are having!

1.Last year I opened a case with the Ombudsman as you decided to make an absolute mess of my account with readings that made no sense (even though have access to my smart meter) This was supposedly fixed

2.Your App is broken to the point of uselessness with energy usage, your web version is no better as it is not recording/showing my usage energy accurately in the slightest

3.Your not working out my bills correctly. Even after the ombudsman.

4.Your not giving me statements to look at my bills, I have to phone you every so often one “generated” because of a system error in you retrieving my smart meter numbers. I shouldn’t have to chase you for this, I know I am not alone with this one.

5.Your enforced Direct debits make no sense because your “system” cant figure out what to charge because of your wild “statement corrections”

More than happy for communication to pretend this time were going to fix my account! Feel free to reach out with comms and lets have another go!

Hopefully with this forum post I can add to the visibility of what I see is a very broken company.


I may be going down a similar rocky road as I have recently left Bulb.
They are attempting to claim some extortionate amounts from me e.g. they claim that in the last 11 days of my account I used almost £400 of electricity and that I also had an existing debit of £391.07 that has accrued over 18 months.

They have removed all electricity readings and all records of payments made to them by monthly Direct Debit which they assume will prevent me from checking their figure.

Fortunately I have copies of all meter readings and payments as well as all account statements dating back to August 2018 when I first became one of their customers.

I am currently running a battle of words with Gatekeeper minions of the company and I am expecting them to become increasingly threatening towards me as I have given them a deadline of 29th July to get their act together as that will be the date I will be contacting the ombudsman.

Watch this space!


Hi divvydend.

Found this on the OFGEM website and thought it might interest you. Bulb don’t allow anyone to post links but just search for backbilling.

“Ofgem bans suppliers from backbilling customers beyond 12 months

Many suppliers have signed up to, or follow, a voluntary agreement not to backbill customers past 12 months.
However, the voluntary agreement does not cover all suppliers, and those that have signed up do not always follow this agreement.“

I’m guessing Bulb hasn’t signed up or will simply ignore the agreement.

Good luck fighting these incompetent a## holes. :+1:t2:

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I signed in to see if i could find where my email was requesting payment on this months bill. It used to arrive bang on the 28th of every month, i appreciate i’m only a day late but they’d soon be chasing if i was a day late paying !!!

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Time for an update. After checking my account today I noticed that I now have three months of non generated statements. I decided to call bulb. I have been advised from the phone call the following points and actions going forward

1.They lost communication with my meter
2.Manual readings are not being sent from the app (Probably because my account thinks its getting these from the smart meter that’s just a guess from me)
3.They are currently not fixing my meter and nothing can be done about it
4.There is no solution to this and this is how it is. I am not the only one that has this problem.
5.I am going to have to phone every month and deal with the statement not being generated at which point they will send me an email for me to send my readings in

So from now until a timeline yet to be decided, I am going to have to phone in every month, sit there and explain the entire history going back well over two years now and then you apologise to send me an email to send my manual readings in so you can then be so gracious to send me a statement so I can pay my bill with you?

This is unbelievable, I went to the ombudsman last year, this has changed nothing it seems, I don’t think bulb can actually function anymore. I was hesitant to move because I didn’t trust bulb to handle the process and was waiting for the buyout that doesn’t seem to be coming fast. I am going to have to see about moving as I’ve been told in pretty uncertain words that its a case of this is how it is and your not alone.

I am completely lost for words about how bad this is being handled. It’s worse then you could ever imagine! I feel I am in my own version of utility hell! How I am even going to try to attempt to track my energy use is an impossible feat.

I will now send the readings in via the customer rep and then no doubt have to phone again to try and get my own bill generated. Who knows if its even correct at that point either!

And then look forward to doing it all over again.

Hi Dill , If both of your meters are working correctly you could use a uk H.D.I energy app from the google play store . These apps work exactly like the energy H.D.I units . They work on android phone or tablet . Have a look on the google play store and read the reviews on the best apps to down load . Just put " UK energy H.D.I app in the app store search bar and have a good luck . You might be able to put your energy readings into the app and connect to bulb hopefully .

I have had real issues with getting Bills. This month was the final straw and so I wrote to them cancelling my DB and said I will pay them when they send me a bill. Perhaps they might bother to send me one this way. Fed up with them , such a shame as really liked them and found them good to deal with in the past. Guess it won’t be long though and we’ll be fighting with some other Company as we get moved over.