Allowing Top-Up Payments at any time

Hi Bulb team,

From a quick look around the community it seems top-up-payments are only allowed when in debit, why is this the case?

I live in a shared house with other tenants, some of whom will be moving out. It would be useful to transfer the account to the new tenant in control with the same amount of credit as it was initially set up with and topping up the exisitng credit would be the easiest way to get there.

At the end of the day it’s more money for bulb so I’m surprised you don’t allow it already!

Totally agree with you @Sam3000.

The facility to top up accounts should be made available to all customers at all times.
There are no end of reasons why customers may wish to add some more funds to their account at short notice, regardless of the current level of funds presently in their account.

Please could this be sorted Bulb?

Hi Both,

Great suggestion, I will raise it with the tech team and it’ll be added to the incoming features.

Thanks team!

Thanks James, much appreciated!