Alternative refer a friend idea....

See lots of posts about the refer a friend links everywhere and some people being a bit reluctant to use other peoples etc.

Just wondered if in future might be worth thinking if you could do a few LED bulb packs, or put in relatives addresses to receive one.

I know with a lot of people I try to explain about saving power or anything about eco friendly home appliances, always still seem to think of the way energy bulbs used to be, slow to turn on, start dim, not the best for big rooms.

How about a bulb branded bulb, that is an LED warm light bulb that shows that you can save money, brighten up your room and being good to the environment. Every time that potential referral puts light on, they might just think of bulb and switch in due course!

If this is a completely daft idea, ignore it :slight_smile:

I do like the idea, I’m not sure if it should replace the referral scheme as Bulb presumably have a business reason for this, but having people using less energy is in their interest too.

I wonder if perhaps they could “buy” the bulbs they needed from Bulb as a top-up on their bill? That way if they refer a friend the bulbs basically pay for themselves…

@daniel6288, @matthew744 You guys are totally Bulb-y, I love it!

We actually had a mini partnership with Plumen, so you’re right on the money with that one, you can read all about it here:

I think it’s a great idea, and I’ve passed it along to our growth and branding team to see what we can do in the future to include some more fun ideas like this.

@matthew744 I love your business mindset. We want to make green energy and sustainability a good business decision for everyone.
Again another great idea, which I will pass along.

Have a great weekend, guys.