Am I allowed a refund?

Hiya, sent meter readings in, have more than a month’s credit, and a regular payment set up, but haven’t heard back from my email on the 14th requesting a refund :frowning: would be amazing to get all that extra credit back and spend some on my niece at Christmas, haven’t seen her in months due to Covid :frowning:

If you fail to get a response why not see if you can reduce you monthly DD via your account page?

Thanks Allanr, was hoping to get a little bit of a lump sum, but if I have to lower the payments instead I’ll do that.

Hi @poptartprincess,

Firstly, I would like to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

Secondly, I took a look into your account and I do see you’re more than eligible for a refund, I am just sending you an email now so I can give you my recommendation :relaxed:

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Thanks so much Trevor! You’re a star.

Have made 3 attempts to get a refund for over2 weeks now, nothing heard but at least you keep the interest!

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Hi @Rammie,

Sorry you’ve not had a response yet. I’ve managed to find your email and account and I’ve requested the refund now for you :blush:

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Have quite a bit of credit myself, but can’t lower my DD. It says I can’t risk going into debit.


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Hi @argor, I have checked your account and can see that your monthly payments are already set lower than our estimated monthly usage. So the system is taking your monthly payment via direct debit and then using the excess in your account to cover any higher bills.