Am i being charged double for my electric?

A few weeks ago i recieved an email from bulb saying

“A month ago, we told you we were changing our electricity prices. But we sent the wrong information to your meter” … We sent the correct information to your meter on 23 October, so you’re on the right prices now

I normally use around £10 to £13 electric each week, but since this email i have had to put over £50 in less then 2 weeks on my key,

I just put £20 on the key on tuesday (it would normally last 2 weeks), now its sunday morning and I just had to go and put the meter key in again to get £5 emergency ( why is the emergency only £5 ?) ,. I have barley used any electric this week as i have covid and have been seriousley ill and have not been able to do anything, I live in a tiny 1 bedroom flat alone,i have not had any heating on. i dont understand how i could have used £20 in 5 days?

I am scared now because i only have £5 emergency electric on the meter which looks like it will run out today, I am unable to go out to get anymore due to having to be in isolation because of the covid. the local store will only allow me to put £20 on the key at anytime, also they make me buy something from the store otherwise they dont topup the electric key,

i dont know what to do ? please advise

Sounds lie you are having a pretty hard time at the moment, are you well enough to push button “A” onyour meter as this will show your tariff. Most energy companies have between £5-20 EC depending on their whim.
the local store will only allow me to put £20 on the key at anytime, also they make me buy something from the store otherwise they dont topup the electric key.
the shopkeeper is “at it”" as you can top-up your key to £49, he/she is making you do two transactions when one would suffice(they are paid for these transactions whether you buy anything else or not) seems like the shopkeeper is on a double wammy

Doesn’t solve the immediate problem, as it takes around 21 days for a switch

Check this website out Join it and it will tell you exactly what Bulbs tariff rates are also it will list any cheaper alternatives very useful website does no harm to Bulb just tell,s you the truth about suppliers. Join then click the blue More Info on each energy supplier it tells the exact tariff for that supplier Gas and Electricity Edit your profile for usage info.

That shop keeper of yours is defiantly taking the micky.

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OK Feeling much better today, i went and checked the meter it does show the correct rate price 18.51p. I took all the readings before i put the key in, i managed to get in contact with bulb over the phone, they basically said there is nothing they can do untill i send 2 weeks meter readings in, turn of my power for and hour , then recheck the meter, they said they would charge me 120 quid to send an engineer round, after the call i was allready looking for a new supplier, worst support i have ever seen from a company when i needed it most, so its seems to be my fault that i am using £20 in 5 days :open_mouth:

After the call with there “support” i was allready thinking about trying Octopus, i mean it cant be any worse then bulb right ? thanks for the code ill defo be moving asap

Thank you for your suggestion but these “compare” websites are just here to datamine us and sell our data i will never use one :slight_smile:

Sorry the info I gave you was not to your liking hope you can resolve your problem.

Thats fine i can see you were only trying to help :slight_smile: ,the more people that know the only reason these compare companys exist is to mine and sell peoples data .

Perhaps they can fit a prepay “smart” meter, whereby you can top-up online and no longer have to deal with that less than scrupulous/dubious shopkeeper

Hi @paul123,

Thanks for letting us know about your issue, something doesn’t seem right and I would very much like to get to the bottom of it.

It does seem that potentially your meter isn’t configured correctly.

Could you send Bulb a message on either our Facebook / Twitter or Instagram?

From there, someone from our social media team will look into this for you as a matter of urgent priority.

Hi thanks but i do not have a Facebook / Twitter or Instagram account, i am not a 13 year old girl :), i dont understand why you would want anyone to use these services for help with there bulb account, this is a dedicated bulb forum for people with problems ? why are you asking me to sign up for Facebook / Twitter or Instagram and ask for help there ? why can you not just help me here on your dedicated website ? your company policys are more and more confusing.

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That is a good question? I also am not signed up to any of these unsocial media sites.
Hard enough to keep your personal data SAFE without giving it to Mark Whatshisface.
Anyway I thought twitter was the “exclusive” domain of Donald Trump.
Isn’t instagram where you get a telegram from the Queen on your 100th birthday
Not saying anything about bulbs policies as I would just be deleted

Hi @paul123, I’ve sent you an email now to look into this further.

Social media has some of the quickest response times so for urgent enquiries we direct people there, but I’m happy to follow this up via email as you’d prefer.

I put £40 on the 16.11.2020 it just runout on the 26.11.2020, thats just 10 days, £40 would normally last me a month, but they are still saying its my normal usage, i think i should know my normal useage, i am mad this company is scamming me and there is nothing i can do :frowning:

You can change supplier, nothing in the rules to say you can’t

Hi @paul123- could you get back to my colleague Georgie’s email about this so we can investigate further? You may need to send over some photos of your meter display so we can find out if there’s any credit being deducted from your top-ups. There are instructions for getting this information from the meter here.

so what Ive switched, There problem is not mine, they are taking money from my account and are taking the micky.

why are you telling me?

Hi @mark6,

I can see you’re switching away, but your payment method is cancelled. You will be able to just pay off the remaining debit on the account once the switch has passed. Let me know if you have any questions.