Am I overpaying

Hi there. I am currently paying £205 per month, and am £210 in credit at the end of Winter. On the tarif page, my calculated usage for the coming 12 months is an average of £171 per month. Yet I am being told I should put my DD up to £263. If anything I am paying slightly too much no?

Please advise.


Hi @shaw2thefloor :wave: and welcome to Community :partying_face:

As there are high increases in unit rates and standing charges from April 1st we have had to increase your payments to ensure they are covering your usage at these new rates. If you are worried that these could be set to high we can set your payments to a variable direct debit.

With this option we take a payment of the specific outstanding balance in your account within 14 days of your bill being generated. This way no debit or credit builds up on the account.

As you have a smart meter, we will bill you for the accurate usage each month and not to estimates. Would you like me to move you across to this payment method or are you happy with the current direct debit set up?

If you have any further questions please drop them below :point_down:

Luke :bulb: