Amount now paying as compared to what the internet is saying I should be paying

Every year with Bulb until now I have been in credit throughout the summer. There is no change in what we are doing but this year I am in a debit situation throughout the summer. Why? The change seems to be particularly towards our electricity usage I ask the question as the projection from other suppliers is markedly lower and the suggestion is that I should be on your lowest tariff. Can I have a full explanation please

This is a community forum, not Bulb customer support. Whilst Bulb staff do post here, most of the replies you get will be from fellow customers.

From what you’ve said and the limited information you’ve given, I’m afraid it’s impossible to say what’s happening. What I can tell you is that you are already on the lowest tariff, because Bulb have only one. When looking at “projections” from other suppliers, don’t just accept the estimate based on property size since this is likely to be meaningless. You’ll need to look at your actual usage - i.e., compare meter readings, look at past bills, ensure your bills are based on actual readings etc. That way you’ll be able to see if your usage is changing and start to narrow down where the problem, if they is one, might be.