An app that can detect your walking/running pace and find songs that fit the tempo

I was just out on a nightwalk and had this idea.

Basically whilst your phone is in your pocket, it goes back and forth as you walk. So this app uses the gyroscope in your phone (or perhaps the GPS) to calculate the average frequency of your strides and find songs with a tempo that fits

You could even pick certain genres, moods or artists for it to prefer, and even set the tempo guage to a certain percentage above or below your actual pace in order to practice walking faster as you try to keep up.


Hi @CamdenJayce and welcome to our Community :deciduous_tree:

This sounds like a really cool idea and something I would use.

I often adjust what I listen to on runs depending on how I feel that day. When I go on easy runs I like to listen to either really chilled music or a podcast. However, for obvious reasons I like to listen to a bit more heavy stuff when I’m going for a high tempo run.

Also, on my runs I like to start slow and end fast. So would be cool to have a Spotify playlist that queues the next song depending on your cadence. :musical_score: :running_man:

Here is a snapshot of my cadence from my last run (I use Garmin Connect and a Garmin 235 to record/measure it) and you can see that I like to build slowly throughout the run. Would be a great feature if my playlist would auto-adjust and push songs which match my tempo to the top of the queue.

@CamdenJayce This is a really cool idea!

I’m a bit of a playlist obsessive, so have one for every scenario (including a chilled out summer walk & the now lesser used commute playlist that matches the faster pace of London life).

Having an app that did this for you automatically would be amazing and it could potentially learn your habits over time to make this more detailed and rewarding. Although you could get a shock if you have to do that awkward jog across the road when a car stops for you and the song changes suddenly! :joy: