Android app and smart meter trials.

Hi all,

Happy bulb customer here. Just thought I’d let you know I’d be happy to take part in any beta testing for the Android app and the next gen smart meters (I have first gen smart meters from British Gas which are obviously useless).



Hi @carguy143 I have added you to the smart meter trial list. We’ll be in touch if there is to be any beta testing for the Android app - the Tech team are busy developing this as we speak! Owen

Hi @“Owen at Bulb” , can I be added to the Smart Meter trial list as well please?

Hi @Nizar I have added you to the trial!


Any hint as to when the android app will be available? 2017? Q1 2018? Later?

@edwardmlyte hint: it’s pretty high up on our list

@edwardmlyte, it’s currently on the roadmap in the 3 month category, and as much as Bulb don’t seem to want to say too much, from other comments it sounds like we should be expecting at least a beta version before the new year if all goes to plan.

You can fill in the device survey and express your interest in testing the beta app here.