Android App - Now Live - feedback

I see that there are a number of beta-testing threads, but maybe we need a new thread now the app is live to capture impressions and feedback.

I received the email invitation a few minutes ago which was great news. I immediately clicked to install and it went smoothly.

However, when I went to log in on the app, I asked it to send me an email… That arrived immediately BUT when I clicked to open it, I was not prompted to open the link in the app, instead it opened in my browser. Unfortunately that does not unlock the app. When I went back to my email to click again, the SECOND time it asked me how I wanted to open the link. This time I told it to open in the app, but by this time the one-time link was no longer valid.

I tried getting the app to resend me an email link, but even closing it and restarting didn’t work. Now when I get to the log-in page it has my email stored and continues to show me the ‘open mail’ button or to sign in with my password instead.

Is there an issue with that first link opening in the app? Was this because I was too quick and the installation was not complete?

EDIT: this is also meant as a small warning to those installing - might be worth checking that the phone is asking you to open the link with the new app before clicking on it

The app works perfectly fine on my Samsung; I’ll likely only use it as a quick aide memoire though.
Good job Bulm Team.

App on iOS won’t let me get past the sign in screen :frowning:

I provided a gas and electric meter reading on 31 Jan using the app, but the app still shows my old gas reading. The website shows the new reading.

I am not sure why the app needs access to my photos, media and contacts etc. Seems unnecessary and invasive for the purposes of the app.

Did not download app.
40MB means it was made by toytown developers with a bulky toolkit. Also probably the reason it requires undue permissions. You assault your customers with apps like that. Still… you’ve ticked another box now.

I was going to download but I don’t want to give it access to my photos and media, my camera, and my call information

Display only portrait, would prefer landscape for tablet

I decided against downloading it when I saw how big the app was and reading about the level of permissions it would ask for. You’ve put a lot of effort into building a brilliantly responsive website and I’m going to keep using that. Not sure you needed to go to the effort of building an app and certainly not clear on the value it adds…

Is there an issue with that first link opening in the app? Was this because I was too quick and the installation was not complete?
I simply had the app ask me what app I wanted to open the link in. If you managed to get to the login screen then the app will have installed completely so that's an odd situation you experienced.

I notice that the new app is listed as having unnecessary permissions removed and a reduction in size however on my phone it is still 37.52MB. They’re some damn big animations, or a heck of a lot of bloat.

Permissions wise, it currentlty has as follows after installation:

  • modify or delete the contents of your SD card
  • read the contents of your SD card
    Other app capabilities:
  • full network access
  • view network connections
  • receive data from Internet

The requirement for Android 5.0 or up seems an odd one. For something so simple, I’d hope for 4.3 and up or similar (not that anyone should be running devices with an OS that old and insecure, but people do)

Current feedback, now the notification bar has been made pink to match the app, the proportions still look a bit weird. Personally I’d have gone with a slightly darker shade, similar to what WhatsApp does, rather than matching the colour completely.
The lack of hitbox cancellation when you move off a button and back on to it still confuses me.

I’m still very slowly working on a mockup of design suggestions but re-learning some graphics software is taking a while…

Interestingly enough, the IOS app is 54.1MB so we’re winning there…

I approve of the app. Very easy to use.
A simple informative layout without all the garbage the big 6 use

@thirstforwine great idea to start this thread! We’ll look into the issues you mentioned - in the meantime you could log in with your password or try clearing the app data in your phone’s settings (this will bring it to the initial state where you can request the magic link).

@stephen9620 , @wayneyboyz thanks for the feedback, we’re glad you like it!

@andrew5628 sorry to hear that - what is the error you’re seeing?

@Cowboyken I can confirm we got both of those readings - we’ll look into why they might not be displayed in the app for you.

@LaraPW , @Jrob , @OldBaileys, @Bmwelby we’ve taken the feedback we’ve been getting on board and reduced the size of the app and the permissions requested - you should see these changes in the latest version on the Google Play store.

@mowcius the requirement for Android 5.0 or up is a limitation of the framework and libraries we used to build the app - we’ll look into whether we can reduce this limitation. Thanks for the feedback, we’re keen to see what you come up with!

Biggest thing for me is previous readings that I submitted are no where to be seen on the app. I would expect the first page (which shows my balance and let’s me submit readings) to do what it does and the ‘readings’ tab to show me my submitted readings history. Saves me going to the website to check.

I cant get my head around all this stuff. I still use an original Nokia 3310, I use a camera for taking pics, I don’t use facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter or Skype. I have a basic TV package and rarely watch it.

Just as well I have a PC as I spend hours googling trying to work out what you are all talking about. :slight_smile: and I still don’t understand it.