Android app UI issue


I failed to submit a meter reading on the new Android app. Once I tried on the website I subsequently realised that the submit button only turns pink (active) when I put a leading zero on the reading, but there’s nothing in the UI to prompt this (the web site makes it obvious its expecting leading zeros by showing digit boxes and previous reading).


Agree with the above!
To further complicate things, if you have an economy 7 meter, it’s not clear which box is for which reading. Both are labeled as “standard”.

Thanks gyles, I just thought it was a bug with app, so gave up.

Agreed that it should be made clearer.

@gyles8565, @p_a_waterhouse, @willfhd Thank you all very much for your feedback. I agree this isn’t as clear as it could be for standard and economy 7 meters, we’ll fix that!