Android App

How do I get on the Android App trial and also the Smart Meter trial?

@JackieLeChang, someone from Bulb will probably add you to both from here but otherwise, go fill in the survey and comment on this thread for the Android App, and probably this one for the Smart Meter trials.

@JackieLeChang are you a bulb member? I can’t find any contact details to look up your account :anguished:

I would like to use the app trial please

Hi @Ange and @JackieLeChang we presently do not have an Android trial, we aim to release this early next year. As for the smart meter trial, I have added @JackieLeChang. @Ange would you like to be added? (@Mowcius would you like to be added as well)?

@“George at Bulb”, I believe I’m already on the trial list but yes please.