Android App

Does any one know if there are any plans for an App on ANDROID OS…??

Last comment I noted was that it’s very imminent now… ie weeks rather than months. :slight_smile:

Yep. Imminent :slight_smile: We’re planning for an internal alpha this year and then beta test with members in January.

How can you sign up to this? Having to get an email sent out every time I clear my cookies is getting annoying.

Hi @seumas I’ve added you to the list so hopefully that will soon be a thing of the past!

Sign me up as well if you need more testers.

@Weylund always looking for more volunteers!

I would be happy to take part in your android app testing

@clive126 I’ll pop you on the list too then

I’d be happy to help test the Android App too. I’m an IT professional.

Thanks for letting us know @TonyBrett - I’ve added you to the list

I’m an Android user and always happy to try something new!

Please can I sign up for the Android beta too! Thank you!

Sign me up please! And any thoughts on an Alexa app?

@Merrick_Jones, API and voice assistant integrations are in the ideas section of the roadmap but nobody’s committed to anything yet.

sign me up too please

Hi @“Vicky at Bulb” - please feel free to add my name to the list if you need more Beta testers come the test. Cheers.

Hi @ishyfishydishy @paulolivier @Merrick_Jones @will_b @KCW - You’ve all been added to the android trial list :slight_smile:

Hi @“Vicky at Bulb” - any chance I can squeeze into the Beta?

@whatdaybob sure thing - you’re on the list!