Android Bulb app versus web usage page


I’m new here, but I’ve been with Bulb since 2018.

I have a smart meter, the Bulb Android app and a computer. We also have solar panels.

The “Usage” page for gas use as seen via the computer’s web browser is showing only the standing charge at 27p per day, but the app seems to be showing correct daily gas usage. We have used some gas for our gas hob, but not much as the central heating is off, and we’ve used solar power to heat the hot water cylinder, since I got an eddi power diverter connected to the immersion heater.

In the past it always seemed to agree. I think it might be due to the new tariff, but it seemed OK in April. Since the start of May it shows no gas use at all on the web page, only the standing charge.

The electricity page on the computer seems OK.

What could be wrong here?

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Hi @shaunhw :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

The current usage graph isn’t perfect. There are a few bugs you’ve picked up on. We are working to update the usage graphs and fix errors like this but unfortunately it is just a matter of waiting until these updates are completed.


Jenny :star:

The following is related to smart gas meters with daily or more frequent readings.

Having looked into all this in greater detail - it seems that the Android “usage->day” screen is showing correct gas usage and the cost in fractions of a cubic meter of gas (my gas smart meter measures in cubic metres) so I presume it is getting the fractions of a cubic metre from the smart readings as the daily use along with cost shown on the app seems to be correct and tally with our use. The cost here shows the standing charge added as well.

However the week and month segments of the Android app (and also the online data on the web site) is only showing WHOLE cubic metres for the days shown. So for low gas users we don’t see any gas use at all for some days, until the next WHOLE cubic metre use flips over. IE all the fractional use is discarded until then. Someone looking at this would incorrectly believe they had used NO gas for several days, and then more than usual once the next whole cubic metre was used.

For low use gas customers in warmer times, or for those who heat homes with other fuels but use still gas, this would be very confusing.

The fractional parts of the cubic metres of daily gas consumed must be there in your database, for the Android app to show accurate historical daily gas usage, (“usage->day”) and an accurate cost figure, so why also use these for more accurate use figures, as shown for each of the seven days shown in the App’s “usage->week” (Monday to Sunday) and on the web site pages, for its rolling month gas use bar graphs?

Right now - for gas use for “usage->week” on the app, and especially for daily gas use on the web site, shows NO daily gas use, until one’s gas consumption goes into the next whole cubic metre of use.

It should be easy to fix I would have thought, given that the data is clearly available for the phone apps “Day” usage figures.

I don’t think this is a bug, but badly thought out design both on the web pages and the app. A cubic metre of gas represents approximately 11 Kw hours of energy, or currently 81 pence owing, and some days, many people won’t use that much. For those days they won’t see any use at all under this flawed scheme, which becomes more prominent as gas gets more expensive.

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