Annual Consumption, Statements and Missing Docs

I was recently asked about my annual electricity consumption (thinking of getting solar panels), so I thought I’d dig it out from my account. However, I noticed a couple of things.

  1. I thought I might find some reference to the annual total in my statistics page. But it only shows the graph for the current year, and not actual figures, only prices paid. It would be great to have more real data available to look at here (I would also repeat my request to keep the “estimated” figure for each month visible so I can see how the monthly actually figure compares (did I spend more/less or was estimate accurate?)

  2. I therefore turned to official documents. I recall getting an email with my two annual statements for Gas & Electricity (I believe this is a requirement). I assumed I would find them in my messages on the site. I found my “Annual Statement” on 1/4 and it says “Annual Statement”

However, when I click on the download, I only get my GAS report. Is there any reason I don’t have my ELECTRICITY statement? Is it just me, or is this a general issue?

I did find my emails from April, so I do have the information now, but this does feel like an area that needs a fix. It would be good to be able to view and even manipulate our data to see how we might improve our energy usage, especially if we can monitor if we are becoming more efficient!


Being a new customer of about 2 months standing I haven’t got to the stage of receiving an annual statement

However in the Energy Usage section of the dashboard should be a list of your meter readings. You are able to transfer these to a spreadsheet and hence manipulate the data.

Sorry I can’t help as to why your electricity statement is not showing.

@thirstforwine You are able to transfer these to a spreadsheet and hence manipulate the data.

Oh sure, I could do the manual work. I just thought it would be something that was easier to extract from here, especially since the bulb concept is about renewables and taking responsibility for the energy we use - so some extra tools for monitoring, and maybe incentives to improve, would be nice!


However, the main thing is for the documents, such as annual statements, to be available

On your monthly statement it does give you a forecast for the year, it is reasonable accurate.

Hi @thirstforwine

It seems the complicated may be that there are two attachments on the email we send and the website only includes 1 download link, which is pulling the gas summary for you and not giving you access to the electricity.

I’ve passed this onto the tech team for you now.

Great spot!