Annual Estimates vs Submitted Readings

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me understand my monthly statement. I submit a monthly ready for gas&electricity. on my statement there is a line that shares the estimated annual usage to be gas = 18065 & electricity = 2973. how can it be then that when I substract the value of the reading submitted on dec29th 2020 with the one submitted on Jan 31st 2020 I get gas = 1568 & electricity = 2678 ? thank you for your guidance and apologies if its obvious.

Two things:

a) your “meter consumption” is just under 11 months, so needs to be scaled up (roughly ×12/11), and

b) the gas consumption is measured by volume, and needs to be converted to kWh (basically ×11.05 - the full calculation that boils down to this is shown on each statement)

When you do both of those, you get roughly the same as Bulb have calculated (slightly higher than them for gas, and a smidge lower for electricity):

2678×12/11 = 2921
1568×12/11 = 1711 ×11.05 = 18902

OK got it. thank you for your feedback. ill look at it closely next month and going forward. all the best.