Annual Usag Cost Figure

Can bulb provide me with an annual energy cost figure?

Surely this is something you can do using the Bulb website’s quote page.

The maths is relatively simple: (annual kWh usage x unit rate) + (365 x standing charge).

If you need your annual kWh usage you can check your last Bulb Electricity Statement for an estimate, though this is not always perfectly accurate.

I want to compare suppliers; as I am on an Economy 7 electrical tariff, I need both day and night usage. Despite several attempts, this info is not provided on my statement; they only provide TOTAL electricity usage.
Has anyone else had this frustration?

I have to assume your statement does show both the night and day energy usage for the month covered by the statement, otherwise it would not be able to give you a breakdown of costs for the month. As an expedient would it not be possible for you to, look at your last 12 months statements and put the monthly usage in a simple spreadsheet to enable you to work out the annual usage?

you’re correct that this info is shown monthly and I could do it manually.

Bulb keep telling me that the day/night split is on the monthly and annual statements … but it is not. They eventually provide the info !

As this info is needed to compare suppliers, you would think they would provide it routinely and proactively… :thinking:

Are these contradictory comments, first you say they are shown on your monthly statement then secondly you say they are not?

And yes I think Bulb should show the split in your annual statement.

Hi Allanr, my reply was wrong …

the monthly day/night split IS shown on the monthly statement but the ANNUAL split is not given anywhere.

Thank you for highlighting this.

You need look at only two statements. The most recent statement, and one from 12 months ago. Whilst it would be nice for Bulb to give the annual info on each statement, it’s not much hardship to get it manually. It’s not like to have to go through every single statement and work it out cumulatively.

@ Hooloovoo,
you’re absolutely right that i could do this. However, it would be sssssoooooo easy for Bulb to provide this info on every monthly statement. It would incur them a small one-off cost of re-programming their statement but would then save time for many of the customers on an on-going basis.

as mentioned earlier…

Many customers are over the moon if they routinely get a statement proactive or otherwise


Indeed. @awb34 It’s not sssssoooooo easy for Bulb to add the information you’ve requested, because currently it’s lucky if you actually get a statement at all! You’re vastly overestimating Bulb’s competence in developing code.