*Another* IDH not working post

Hi! We had a lovely engineer install the smart meter and gave me the IDH. I saw it working fine. But a few moments after she left it stopped showing the readings and just showed “-----”.

I live on the 4th floor of an apartment, and the smart meter is in a uitlity room (for the whole apartment) on the ground floor. So i took the IDH to the ground floor, and did the reset as mentioned in the help section. And it worked.

So i’m assuming that even though i’ve got an “In-home-display” - i’ve actually have to go out of my home downstairs (like i used to, when providing manual readings) to see my energy usage?

Is there a way to get the IDH to work 4 floors away?
Is this a lost cause?

To answer my own question, based on a Twitter DM convo i had with the Blub account - yes, it’s pretty much a lost cause. You need to be something like 5 meters away from the meter to get the IDH to work. And for me living 4 floors above it’s not gonna work.

I guess i have to resort to checking the account page… (assuming they show the data there)

Hi Hashir :wave:

It does sound like the distance between your smart meters and your In-Home Display is too far for the information to transmit. However, your meter readings will still send to us automatically every month.

Your usage data will still show in your Bulb account, and if you’d like, you can update your readings so they come through to us daily in your account here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/personal-details. You should then be able to track your usage through your Bulb account.

Thanks Jim, i just wish this is communicated somewhere. As i was trying to find info about it, and it’s hard to come by. Yes, there is a bit on the Bulb help section saying that you need to be closer to the smart meter as a trouble shooting solution. But would be good to mention to people in apartment buildings where everyone’s meters are in a litte room locked away that IDH’s would not work, and be redundant.

For now, this cool little gadget i got that could’ve given me interesting Live data on my energy usage has been just chucked into the back of some drawer :frowning:

Hi @hashir sorry to hear you didn’t find help or more information easy to find on our website.

Hopefully it’ll be possible for us to expand the range at which IHDs can connect to the meter and show live usage data in future.