Another month and once again no statements from bulb

Once again, i’m having to write here due to not receiving a statement from bulb. I’ve had to complain about this very thing at least 2-3 times this year. Each time you tell me you’ll sort it and it won’t happen again.

This is ridiculous at this point nor is it acceptable!

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I am in a similar situation, given accurate meter readings on due date, but still no bill/statement!!!

Still no statement from Bulb. This is ridiculous.

@ Suki_at_Bulb Maybe you can once again shed light on why im having to contact you for a 4th time for the same issue you keep promising to fix

Also here - no staement since February but online continues to show increased credit on account with no reductions for actual usage. Perhaps we need to contact Ofgen (?) or who ever the appropriate regulating authority is. They were efficient enough at raising their prices, perhaps they need to apply the same dedication to maintaining their customer service.

@Suki_at_Bulb still no comment from bulb on this matter??

I got asked to photograph two labels on newly installed smart meters and mail them in. I did it on Sunday when they asked. No reply to sending them, no changes to online balances and certainly no statement.

I have found though that you need to use Bulbs formal complaint process before you can contact Ofgem. Should be hilarious if their responses there are as good as they are elsewhere.