Another price drop - December 2015

We believe that when energy prices go down, you should see your prices come down at the same time. That’s why we’ve lowered our prices for the second month in a row.

December has been practically tropical this year with bulbs of all sorts blooming. Daffodils are sprouting up in the middle of roundabouts and Team Bulb have been seen frolicking in their summer best. Since people have been using less energy in this warmer weather the cost of energy has dropped. In addition to this, lots of wind and rain has meant that renewable generators have been even more productive. Because energy wholesale prices have dropped we’re lowering the unit price for you. We’re sending everyone an email with their exact savings, so check your inbox for yours.

Will my monthly payments change?
Your monthly payments will stay as they are until the end of March. We’ll adjust everyone’s payments in April as we’ll have more data to estimate payments more accurately and it’ll be coming up to summer, so we’ll be reducing payments anyway.

Until then your Bulb account will just look extra healthy, so that’s good. If we see anyone’s account get too much of a surplus, we’ll get in contact with you personally.

Thanks all and have a great Christmas

Team Bulb

That’s really cool. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

That’s some awesome news, and just in time for Christmas too!

Good job guys, it’s always great to see new updates like these, especially when it’s fantastic news for all of the Bulb customers.

Oh and @will - nice headband :wink:

Wait another drop?..

AWESOME! It must be Christmas =D

Prices dropping is always good but what goes down will come up at some point so a good savings tip would be to squirrel away the amount your saving each month in an interest paying account ( if there is such a thing these days ) and have it there as a wee buffer in case you need it at a later date.