Another price increase!

Yet another price increase! Time to move company!!

Think I’ll do the same, as every other energy company’s prices are going down, aren’t they?
Er, no, thought not. :wink:

I’m pleased to hear about this, crazy but true. This is the only supplier I’ve ever had who had the decency to give me the heads up on current situation. Add to that the fact they don’t tie you in with exit fees, I’m just happy to have found them. No I don’t work for them and they haven’t given me money or special deal for saying this. If they must raise their prices I’ll lay odds that it’s still the best deal, unless the big boys try roping you in with a short term special tariff.

Hey @Fizzle and @198kHz

At the moment there aren’t any plans to increase the prices as far as I am aware from the email provided by Bulb earlier today, it’s merely a heads up to let us know there’s a possibility of slight price increases in the near future.

If Bulb does have to increase their prices slightly, we’ll always be told 60 days in advance so you will have the chance to shop around and see if there is a cheaper provider out there to better suit your needs. It’s also worth noting there are no exit fees so if you do find something bigger and better out there, they won’t charge you to leave - no nasty extra fees here!

Don’t forget bulb have dropped prices previously too, and state that if energy costs fall again by £20 or more annually for an typical user they will reduce thier prices. Can’t really say fairer than that!

@Fizzle The email and blog you might have seen is to inform you that there is a risk of us having to increase our prices in November. Prices of electricity and gas have increased by 5% and you should see lots of suppliers will have to increase their prices too. British Gas have announced an increase this week for example.

We want to be completely open about when we may have to increase prices and therefore we send out these regular updates, to keep you informed.

If wholesale costs decrease before November then we wouldn’t have to increase our prices, so it is completely dependent on how wholesale costs change.

We are committed to passing savings onto our members when we can and historically we have still had more price decreases than increases :slight_smile:

Please see our blog for more info: