Another smart meter disaster

So at the start of May I had my smart meters fitted. Great, I’d moved from a SMET 1 to a SMET2, all should be fine.
Except for the first 12 or so hours, I could only see Electricity readings. Sure, they said wait 48 hours. So I did… Then, I got no readings at all!. I left it a little longer, reset the IHD, nothing.
I reported this to Bulb, who asked me to fill in a form for IHDs - but didn’t hear anything for several weeks.
In the meantime, I’ve had a flurry of bills, and revised bills, and a confusing email stating my Gas wasnt working due to it needing a signal booster. (Really? My old smart meter under British Gas didn’t have any such issue… and doesnt explain why the IHD and electricity sint working…). Also my gas meter is less than 5 meters from my Electrical meter with only a gate made of wood between them!

So I rang to query this, but was told that it would have to be escalated,

I’ve also been told to submit manual meter readings.

However, that’s where things are getting even more weird. My gas meter reading was taken on the day of install, and reset to 0 - so I was able to submit the figure for that. However, my electrical meter wasnt reset. - no closing/revised reading was submitted by the engineers. So it’s still at the old estimated figure, and if I attempt to put the KW/H reading I have got in, it rejects it. Ive now had to post a picture of the meter to Bulb!

Also Bulb state they are not getting ANY communication from either of my meters, so I’m still getting estimated readings for both…

During the course of reading the Electrical meter - pressing the A button seemed to reset the unit - suddenly it’s now not displaying the KW/H reading -= but instead of stating it is in Credit Mode and a price is shown.

However, the weirder thing yet is that the IHD has sprung into life again and is showing the electrical reading! Still no gas though.

I note none of the green lights were lit except “HAN” on the Celular box above the electrical meter though…

Very frustrated, and stuck with estimated bills for the forseeable. All Bulb keep doing is blaming a lakc of Signal boosters, rather than any other issues. I smell a red herring as our area is very well covered for Celular networks, and the meters are so close together…