Another smart meter installation by Morrisons, another customer looking to be told there's nothing you can do?

Arguably if I’d read the forums, I might not have opted for a smart meter install, or at least I’d have asked who was going to install it. And if I’d known that was going to be Morrison I would have decline until the feedback here was more favourable. But let’s go through the motions…

Hey Bulb Support, I had a smart meter installed mid-November. The engineer, before leaving, told me that Bulb’s “servers are down” and that he couldn’t “do a thing” (I didn’t catch what, register I assume) but that if I gave it 48hrs all would be well. Obviously that didn’t quite happen, and as far as I can tell no data is being sent from the meters (I can see no updates on the account). Let’s not even worry for now about the IHD and my stunningly constant £0.72 / £0.94 usage and clock that either in past (or the future!). Can you look into this please? Although I know what you’re going to say…


The servers down is a popular excuse for the engineers. It seems to be down more than its up. Maybe they should get the server fixed permanently!

I wouldnt hold your breathhh… mine hasnt worked since day 1 which was over a year ago…

Maybe they should get everything thats broken at bulb fixed permanantly :rofl:

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Unfortunately, the information you’ve got is correct. If MDS (Morrisons Data Service) are the meter installers, we can’t remotely commission your meter right now. I can see your gas is commissioned and we’re receiving smart readings, so we’ll just need manual electricity readings for the time being please.

I am really sorry this is the case - but we hope to rectify this really soon, and we’ll be in touch when we can.

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Hi, is this still the case please? I have been thinking about getting my smart meter for some time, with the numerous emails inviting me to do so. So I started the booking process to be told that install will be by Morrisons. Reading the above it seems a waste of time getting it installed if it isn’t going to be commissioned.
I also read a thread that only Siemens were doing installs, so surprised Morrisons are back on?

I’ve heard nothing back from Bulb apart from the reply here. Gas usage is making its way back to the server, but not the electricity. The IHD has never worked (not even for Gas usage). I’d assume that if Morrison run the install there is a modest probability (based on comments in the forums) that it will not work. And Bulb can’t do much about it yet.

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We can’t remotely commission if necessary if the installation is done by MDS (Morrisons Data Services), but that’s not to say that the initial installation itself won’t be successful. Most likely is that we won’t need to follow up with a remote commissioning, so I’d still recommend to book the installation if you’re considering it.

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I suppose to recommend that course of action you’d need to tell us the percentage of successful installs via MDS in a year (say). And granted, these forums are more likely than not places where folk come to complain about what doesn’t work, but there’s an awful lot of people doing that re: MDS

And Bulb still can’t “remotely commission if necessary”


Agree with @skFiftyOne. Do you have stats on this?
It does beg the question though why you are even using MDS if you cant actually remote commission them. So if something goes wrong, that’s it, end of the line? At least that’s the feeling I’m getting from reading the forum.
I’m looking at both Octopus and Pure planet too as they seem to be a bit more ‘on it’ from what I can see with regards installations and sorting issues out. The only thing that bulb seem to have over them is the potential integration with SmartThings. Although this seems to have issues too.

I work for mds and since September 2020 have done 224 installs and 5 installs have not commissioned. Along the way I have had a few problems with commissioning but most of the problems have been resolved before I left the property.
Compared to some of the firms I have worked for over the years I think the commissioning works better now than it has in the past. As with any other supplier there will occasionally be issues with commissioning but we do our best to make sure everything is working as it should before we complete the job