Answer to bulbs saying I was wrong

Trever took Bulb

Trever You have been over estimating, as I am now in credit, plus your cost have become very expensive, I always use to pay no more that £130 pcm and your prices now seem expensive. if I was in dept I could understand, but you have now lost a customer with an outstanding credit score, just because you started to help yourself to my bank account, £197.00 a month for a two person household who work all day, something is wrong. you may have some customers who fall behind and some who do not pay, but may I state you credit score them in future so people like me do not get annoyed. you should not just help your self to a 35% increase without informing me first. Its not even about the money but the fact you think you can just dip in to my bank account.
Hi @mark6,

I took a look into your bills and I see that your bill hasn’t been overestimated. Your actual readings were used in the statement.

We but we’re really sad to hear you’re leaving, but we do wish you the best! :relaxed:

Hi @mark6,

We do take payments in advance as that way we know exactly how much energy to buy for all of our members, thus it helps us lower our tariff prices.

Currently you only have a bit of credit in your account to pay for your next bill, so you will fall into debit following your next bill. Ideally we recommend for you to be in at least one month’s worth of credit if possible.

We did notify you of the price change + payment amount increase recommendation back on the 18th, we see that you’ve opened the email. This is also part of the direct debit guarantee where we have to give you at least 10 days notice before we make any changes to your payment amount.

But we can look into why your usage is so high? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat or email ( if you would like us to investigate your usage.