Any issues with Feed-In-Tariff with a new SMETS2 Smart Meter install?

Hi there,

I currently have a Solar PV system which has it’s own meter that I read and send readings to npower for a FIT payment.

I also have my normal electric meter.

I have a smart meter (SMETS2) installation booked for Tuesday but was suddenly worried that it might be an issue to have two meters?

Would the PV meter be unchanged, or does the SMETS2 support the FIT readings?

I don’t want to switch to Bulb for my FIT/Generation as the payment is a third of what I get with npower as I’m on the old scheme.

Thanks in advance

The PV meter (which just records the Generated power) would not be affected.

Note that the smart meter will record how much electricity you actual export (to the grid), and you’re supposed to provide the FiT provider (currently nPower) with those readings, and the Export element of your FiT contract then is based on the actual export instead of Deemed (at 50% of Generation).

Moving your existing FiT arrangement to Bulb would not alter the amounts payable. Those are set according to your FiT contract (ie based on when it was started).

Thanks for the info Steve!

Currently I give npower the reading on the PV meter every 3 months - I get a Generation payment and an Export payment, so as long as that’s preserved then I’m happy.

If the Smart Meter can also give me insights then that’s a bonus!

I was not aware that Bulb could honour the switch the FIT contract, that’s good to know - I will look into it.


Hey @jon.ginn!

@stevefoster is absolutely right, we will keep your payments the same if you switch your FIT over to us, and a smart meter won’t affect this at all (they’re actually better for the FIT programme so we know exactly how much you’re exporting automatically!). You can read more about it here, and let me know if you have any questions about this. :sun_with_face: