Any one leaving Bulb for a descent supplier watch your final bill!

I am in dismay that although i have submitted final reading Bulb has chosen not to use them. Give an estimate of 1242 units of electricity having been consumed within the last 10 days of my contract thats 124.2 per day. The previous full month was only 463 so 14.9 a day so is it just away of making money from those of us who have finally seen the light. To anyone leaving take photos of the last reading you submit, keep a copy of your last years statements with readings and all correspondence with this company. If not you will pay the price.

Was the reading you gave to Bulb exactly the same as that which you gave to your new supplier? The new supplier is responsible for providing that reading to Bulb and this is what your final bill should be based.

Hi there @leavingyounow

As @Allanr has said we bill you to the read that your new supplier gives us.

This is so that all reads marry up and so you are never billed twice for a KWH of energy.

If the read we have billed you to is wrong you should get in touch with your new supplier and ask them to dispute this read. They will then send us a notification that the read should be changed and we will adjust accordingly.

If you have any further questions please let me know.