Any other pensioners feeling threatened by Bulb to increase DD

Hi all,
Are there any other pensioners here in the UK who are feeling “threatened and bullied” by Bulb specifically when (like today) I receive a notice on the app that my DD is about to rise by almost £60 per month and yet I am in credit.
Take good care to ensure our fuel usage is sensible and that we are keeping up with our outgoings but…I am now feeling extremely vulnerable, threatened, and bullied by a simple message on the app.
I have attempted to speak with Bulb a couple of times today and I’m currently awaiting a call back from one of the “agents” so far nothing useful has come from these calls and my app still shows that Bulb are determined to TAKE money which I disagree with. One agent offered that I could transfer to Variable Direct Debit such that my bill each month would be paid as a whole within 14 days of receiving it. This isn’t acceptable to me as I like to pay a fixed amount and have credit when necessary so that I can pay extra as needed when bills are higher, if that makes sense?
Now having chatted I realise that I am dealing via a free call to agents in South Africa and one in particular decided to suggest that as I wanted to speak with a person in the UK and NOT South Africa that I was, and I quote, “threatening him personally!”
This is awful! I have not even begun to threaten anyone except with being reported to OFGEM, Watchdog (BBC) and my MP (in Wales)…so what now?
If there are other pensioners here who feel as I do that we are being harassed and treated like children who cannot budget their finances please let me know as I aim to bring a group together to challenge Bulb directly with harassment of senior citizens.
Harsh? perhaps, but I object to being treated like a child on the phone by people who are not even within the UK and thus not directly experiencing the local difficulties we face.
It is wrong on every level and I want to bring it to a halt.
Who wants to join me? senior citizens and pensioners are the target for this group so please let me know.
Regards to one and all.


You can still build up credit with a variable direct debit, but in your own bank account, not Bulb’s. If you know your average monthly spend over the year, put that away each month and use that to offset each bill as it’s paid. You’d still build up credit and will be able to use it when needed.

With Bulb in administration, I’d prefer any credit in my own bank, not theirs.