Any price changes coming?

At the moment you show a significant saving to my current supplier - certainly enough to consider a switch.
However, if you have price rises pending (as much of the industry seems to have), then the benefits reduce.
Any advice or comments?

Hi @jko thanks for opening this discussion!

We’re very happy to say that we’ve committed to not increase our prices this winter! We really hated to do our price rise in November after 5 price decreases as we are committed to keeping prices low - so looking to put them down again and trying to absorb that extra cost of increasing wholesale prices for as long as possible. :smile:

Check it our on our blog here:

We have no plans yet for after winter, but we hope that the summer trends of wholesale price decreases will mean that we’ll be able to carry on lowering our tariff! We promise with any change we make that you’ll get minimum 30 days advance notice.

Thanks Evie. That’s helpful and encouraging. I suspect a switch will be happening when I get a moment to sort it.

Hi @jko don’t forget to let us know if you get charged any exit fees from your current supplier as we will credit these to your account with us as free energy!