Anybody had an engineer visit that isn't classed as vulnerable?

As per the headline has anyone who isn’t classed as vulnerable had an engineer visit yet?

My prepay meter has been faulty since before lockdown and I’m waiting for the meter fixing. I’ve been adding credit to my key but want this resolved as soon as possible.


Unfortunatley, we’re only changing prepay meters at this time when it is classed as an emergency due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus. I.e no power supply or there is a risk to health.

I can see that my colleague Sumant has added your account to the waiting list, so when we’re able to perform this job for you, we will let you know.

I’m really sorry for this frustrating situation.

Thanks for your reply Noah

This situation is frustrating as we get more relaxation in the rules yet no news on what services are able to enter the home. I can get a builder in and am getting my boiler serviced next week yet your engineers are not allowed.

Obviously you don’t make any money from an engineer visit so I can understand why you don’t allow but in the long run poor service is going to lose customer faith and hence customers. Just reading the forums you can see.


Very recently, we have resumed smart installations at a very limited capacity to ensure very high safety standards. For the moment, we’re only exchanging traditional credit meters to smart meters at a reduce rate and in selected areas.

Over the next few weeks/months, we’re going to start slowly ramping up the number of jobs we are going to book and perform. We’re doing this slowly to make sure safety is put first.

I do appreciate it is both stressful and frustrating. However, as we work with third-party engineers we are subject to what they are willing to do at this given time. For the moment, only Siemens are performing non-emergency meter jobs for us at a limited capacity.

Fair enough…