Anybody with experience of bulb energy?

Hey, I’m looking to switch from British Gas because my bill is becoming quite painful.

Has anyone any experience/knowledge of Bulb energy?

They quoted me a substantially cheaper rate but I’ve read they have no fixed rate plans.

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No, they have one variable tariff which is the same for everybody, just the standing charge varies by region

Unit rates vary by region too, as with any energy company.

NO bulb have one tariff for all, unless your on economy 7 or similar, or pre-pay

Agreed it’s one tariff - Vai-Fair - but unit prices per kWh vary by region.

See here.


This does not apply to bulb. they have one tariff regardless of where you live on mainland UK.
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Our (one) tariff

We’re not one for complicated tariffs. When things aren’t simple, it’s hard to keep track. So, we offer our members one, single tariff for electricity and gas. It’s one of the lowest on the market, renewable or not. And we don’t even charge exit fees.

How do we do this? We invest in technology to help us keep our costs low. And we only partner with companies that do the same. And honestly? We just make lower profits than our competitors. Then pass the savings on to you

On the page where you found

Our (one) tariff

if you scroll down you’ll find:

Find tariff details for your area

The price you pay for your energy depends on where you live. Enter your postcode to find out your tariff details.

For example - West Midlands

Electricity Unit rate
14.2936p per kWh
Standing charge
20.411p per day (£74.50 per year)

Gas Unit rate
2.9326p per kWh
Standing charge
20.4435p per day (£74.62 per year)

SW England

Electricity Unit rate
15.3542p per kWh
Standing charge
20.0854p per day (£73.31 per year)

Gas Unit rate
2.9631p per kWh
Standing charge
20.4435p per day (£74.62 per year)


Seems I owe you an apologie.
But to answer what you actually asked.
I found bulb pretty good for the time I was with them(I only left because I found a better price) If you want just a simple gas and leccy their ok but their account system can be a bit erratic for anything moree complicated, ie: multiple tariffs.
The most important thing is to send your meter readings in at the correct time, not more than 1-2 days before your bill/statement date. C/S can also be a bit hit and miss

Accepted. :smiley:
I’m also an ex customer, happy with Bulb until the turn of the year, when the gas price was becoming increasingly uncompetitive and customer service was going down the pan.

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They did eventually bring the gas price down(April 1) but immediately put the leccy up to compensate. Re C/S because they ignored it for so long, preferring to spend the money on other things,sign up bonus, they had to run to stand still resulting in a lot of ill-trained staff thrown in at the deep end.

Hi I’ve been with Bulb for nearly two years and while it’s good that they don’t raise your direct debit without you knowing. (They ask you to raise it) My usage bills have constantly increased month after month! This is despite no changes in my household. I don’t understand how or why my usage is increasing?

Hi @daihumphreys

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There are a few things worth considering when it comes to usage increasing. Firstly, during lockdown a lot of people have noticed energy costs increasing as a direct result. More people being home for more time naturally increases electricity usage.

Purchasing a new appliance can also cause consumption to increase, so if you’ve bought any shiny new gadgets lately it could be down to that. Likewise, an old appliance or socket may have become faulty, causing it to drain more energy than it should. An electrician can test that for you with a trace test and identify any issues :zap:

Moving forward, it’s worth giving these tips a read when you get the chance. They’re simple hints on cutting energy use, but can make a big difference: