anyone else get no reply to emails

Hi, I’ve just signed up to bulb electricity, and have sent 2 emails to try to add the gas but no reply in 10 days. Not convenient for me to call, so have to use email.
If this is their customer service I’m not sure I’ll stay. Ecotricity was much better.

Anyone else have issues with it?


I’m afraid I am coming to the same conclusion, I joined an June and have only received one statement so far and a request for meter reading one month after my smart meter was fitted. I have emailed 4 times so far with no reply and have sent a chat request, also with no response.

I have just moved from together energy, where I had almost a year of this “service” so will not hang around very long if things don’t improve. Bit of advise, reduce your payments to a level, where they will want money from you when/if you decide to leave. Otherwise if they are like Together, you may end up talking to the ombudsman like I am.

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I dont email, I call. And I get to resolve my issue just for waiting 15 mins in the queue :slight_smile:

0300 303 0635

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I have the same problem. Previously they used to reply within a few days but now their customer service got really bad. I would not recommend this company to any of my friends now.


Best bet at the moment is to call, ideally as early as possible around 9am, I’ve been able to get through to them multiple times at this time, almost immediately. The customer assistants are always reasonably knowledgeable and understanding of my questions and say they will resolve the issue. HOWEVER, I’m still waiting for certain issues such as: missing statements and migration back to the Vari-Fair Tariff from the Smart Tariff to be completed.

So while phoning them is currently the only reliable way to make sure a human is addressing your problem, it is still not perfect. As for emails, these seem to be ignored, I’ve sent two and they stated they would reply in up-to 5 working days but after +2 weeks of waiting I’ve not received an email reply.

The forums are also relatively useless, except allowing us to get an idea of how many other members are having similar problems.


Yep. Sent an email on the 19th of September. Sent another a week ago, no response to either.
Actually had a sales call from octopus earlier on today and it’s starting to look tempting!

Yep. Sent an email on the 19th of September. Sent another a week ago, no response to either. Actually had a sales call from octopus earlier on today and it's starting to look tempting!

So you bother to answer a call but not make a call to Bulb? Makes sense…

Same issue here, no reply to emails and the live chat never works either. Considering moving to another supplier as I think Bulb have now got too big and are no longer able to provide a decent level of customer service.

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Live chat works fine in the app and all my calls get answered…?

Was very happy with Customer Support and Live Chat, calls were answered quickly and advisers knowledgable and helpful , Live Chat was responsive. Latest contact on phone was a 30 minute wait and no response at all on Live Chat, what’s gone wrong Bulb, is your light going out ?

hi i have the same problem sent 3 emails…2wk later still no reply

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I don’t know what’s going on at bulb now, but I’ve had no response to several emails sent over the past fortnight, other than an autogenerated ‘we’re busy’ email. Utterly useless.

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I currently have two service desk tickets open. One from today, and another from 18 days ago that is still waiting a response. The difference between the two request IDs is 244937. That’s 13607 service desk tickets per day.

13607 service desk tickets per day!

I’m convinced my smart meter isn’t working correctly as it gives the strangest of reading, I have emailed 3 or 4 times now and only had one response.

As a disabled vulnerable customer I am horrified by their lack of response and customer service.

Could you elaborate?

I’ve had no response to my emails either. I sent 2 out last week but due to the fact a member of the bulb team and came out and read my meter reading for my gas wrong and i was charged £636.32 incorrectly I have just phoned them instead. It took just under 30 mins for them to answer which was an absolute pain in the neck and not good customer service BUT the guy on the phone sorted my balance out and amended my reading straight away as I had sent in a photo of my meter reading on the complaint email which he found quite quickly. I would suggest if you’ve not had a response to phone and leave it on speaker whilst you do some jobs! I have to say we’ve not long moved to Bulb and i’m not impressed so far. I moved my Mum to Octopus a year ago now and I keep her account in check with readings etc… their service has been brilliant! I wish i’d done the same now, I just hope I don’t have any further issues.

I have tried on numerous occasions to get a response regarding my bizzare readings, I’ve now started taking images of these strange readings which seem to be in welch. image|666x500

My advice to anyone thinking of joining is to not believe a word they say and avoid at all costs.

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I wouldn’t say that’s a “bizarre reading”. The reading is just fine. The problem is the user interface language has changed to Welsh. It seems to be a common problem. See here for how to change it back to English.

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I have been trying to get a refund on the credit of nearly £300. Nobody answering emails. Sent up to date meter reading but still nothing. I get that it earns them interest but after a short month due to sickness at work I could use that money right now

It is bizarre considering that this is double the normal reading prior to this.